At studying of disease of children and teenagers among urban population by results of profound physical examination it is revealed, that group of healthy children in city district more than in a countryside. Studying of disease of pupils of children’s homes has shown, that on to Tashkent and Fergana valley pupils have easy morfofunctional and chronic diseases. It has not been registered heavy forms of a chronic pathology. The overwhelming majority of pupils of children’s homes of of Tashkent and Fergana valley require treatment and carrying out of improving actions.

Results of an estimation of indicators of health of children and teenagers РУз testify that preschool children, children of school age and teenagers require improvement.

Many researches on studying of an actual food of children and teenagers are spent.

An actual food of children and teenagers in city and a countryside is not rational since the lack of food allowances of fibers of an animal origin of vitamins, macro and microcells (deficiency of iron and absence of iodine is observed) takes place, i.e. That nutriences which provide resistibility of an organism to diseases and negative influence of environment.

An unbalanced food, infringement of a parity of products of an animal and phytogenesis, and also presence of the substances strengthening (stimulators: vitamins) or braking (inhibitors: tea, coffee) iron absorption in a gastroenteric path, etc. – are defined by one of the first risk factors of development Fe++ defiency conditions at children and the teenagers living in city and a countryside. An inadequate food against frequent diseases, absence of iodine in foodstuff and chronic diseases are the risk factors, defining regional distinctions of frequency and feature of a current endemic a craw at children and teenagers.