Every moment of a new era is being reformed. In particular, in recent years, many public health problems have been fixed in healthcare, all of which are aimed primarily at improving the health of the population.

The best service is – the servicing of the people!


Personally, it is known that the president pays special attention to the development of the industry. In the case of health workers in the health care system, it can be said that they face several times a year.

The group of professors of the Tashkent Medical Academy: Barno Xolmatova, Guli Shaihov, Munir Allaeva, Shaxlo Bakiyev and the doctor, neuropathologist and professor, members of Zarifboy Ruzmetov editorial board of the newspaper, “Shifo-Info” supporting the initiative, in partnership with local people, the faces met on May 4-5 in Samarkand, where they could meet for a month to see their health, conduct free diagnostics and give advice and recommendations. Professor Barno Holmatova also talked with mothers. He explained that children need proper nutrition, monitoring physical development, preventive vaccinations in a timely manner, avoiding intimate marriages and turning to the doctor when the child first signs the disease.

Thus, a visit to Samarkand was interesting and significant.

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